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Building knowledge systems that hold value in the public interest


Interdisciplinary Team Philosophy

Every project has a unique problem space, and every project has its dream team. Our contributors are specialists in design, data story telling, data science, program and project management, software engineering... they are musicians, mothers and fathers, community activists, poets, academics, intrepid autodidacts, and so much more. Each team member brings essential insight from their area(s) of expertise and lived experience. Each engages throughout the solution scoping and crafting process — allowing the team to creatively explore each project's problem space, and then imagine & prototype solutions.

De-siloing Expertise

We’re bringing together people from across community, industry, and government that have specialized skills and diverse perspectives into custom teams, with a flexible common set of technology tools and frameworks to help us work together.


  • Reusable systems

  • Accessible interfaces

  • Sensory engagement


  • Data visualizition

  • Writing and editing

  • Storytelling and journalism

  • Domain expertise

Data Context

  • Equity & ethics

  • Researchers

  • Librarians

  • Structured metadata & context


  • Product owners

  • Project management

  • Stakeholder management

  • Program management

Data Science

  • Database architects

  • Data scientists

  • Data engineers


  • API developers

  • Cloud engineers

  • GIS/Spatial engineers

  • Frontend engineers

The CIVIC Experience

What's it like being a CIVIC contributor?


We are looking for skilled contributors in all organizational and tech positions. We’re excited about super specialists too — typographers, librarians, accessibility experts & others, tell us how you’d like to contribute!


Multi-disciplinary teams custom built for purpose. Projects range from approximately one month to six months. It's an unique opportunity for collaboration and applied learning in an environment where everyone is motivated and inspired.

CIVIC Master Builders

Volunteers who’ve demonstrated excellence in their discipline will be invited to join our CIVIC Master Builders program. These contributors are eligible for paid contract positions internally, unique R&D opportunities, and positions on projects we help our partners to maintain.

Join the CIVIC Movement

Does this sound like the volunteer opportunity you’ve been looking for? We’d love to learn more about you! It all starts by filling out an application, and we’ll be in touch when we have a match for a project that fits your skills and interests.

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