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Civic Software Foundation is a nonprofit that creates technology and supports applied practices that reinforce equity and democratic values

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The CIVIC community is a worldwide network of technologists, artists, researchers, storytellers, and more. Participation is fluid and highly creative.Membership is free and gives you access to this incredible network of big thinkers and many of our resources. Members often contribute to one or more interdisciplinary projects.

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Data is Dust (Europe Tour)

Data as Material for Art

A pop-up series of conceptual speaking and performance events at the intersection of data, design, politics & culture. Featuring Executive Director Cat Nikolovski and surprise guests.

EdinburghNov 24 // Kickoff // Fiddle PartyNov 25 // Intersectional Feminist-Thinking for Data and Justice MovementsLondonNov 30 // All Data are Created: Technology as an Artifact of CollaborationDec 1 // Hollywood vs Silicon Valley Models for Labor, Talent, and AttributionZurichDec 6 // Growing Living Information Systems: Bauhaus Weaving Women and Material EcologyHelsinkiDec 9 // Mythology as Data: Indigenous Frameworks and FolkloreBerlinDec 15 // Data Contrapasso, Context ChiaroscuroParisDec 19 // Data Couture // Private Dinner PartyBarcelonaDec 29 // Cybernetics and Democratic Socialist Models for a New Era in Civic Innovation

Featured Cohorts

Structured Context Cohort (2020)

This international group of 36 people (mostly women!), inspired by Data Feminism, came together to understand how we can create data systems that embody intersectional data feminist principles through methodology and technology.

Applied Context Cohort (2020-2021)

This team continued the research and action plan of the Structured Context Cohort to create real-world examples of what context can look like.


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